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Spreading Fashion Innovation, Captivating People

ANNA LAURINI – The artist behind “FACES”

If you take the time to listen to your own creative pulse, one does not need to look too far to find inspiration.

The mystery has been solved; the artist behind these distinctive faces is Anna Laurini, an accomplished artist from Milan, Italy.

Laurini, now based in London, is making herself known in the big city with her ubiquitous paintings. Initially inspired by the Abstract expressionist movement of New York in the 1950s,  Anna’s work has now evolved into her own unique style consisting of square portraits.

Having studied in Milan, New York (The Art Students League of New York) and London (Central Saint Martins), it’s safe to say Anna has the ability to achieve great things.


Anna tells us – She’s been painting for many years now, but only 3 years ago I started to paint on the street after a friend encouraged me. It was a challenge but now it’s a pure addiction.

Her art is mainly a message of beauty and it is important for her to bring it back to the streets.

Anna’s work is not what you would normally see everyday; it has a lot more meaning to it, painted with sleek brushstrokes and bold lines usually accompanied by thoughtful quotes on anything from pages ripped from novels, brick walls or even clothing.

She say’s – I love what I do, when I’m painting I feel like I’m in the right place at the right time. I feel grounded with myself and with the universe, it is a special moment.

Having seen her paintings in big cities like Paris and London and all over social network, I just had to get to the bottom of it and find out as much as I could. So I attended one of her exhibitions in London and OH MY! Take a look for yourself…

The entrance to the exhibition was bright and full of red lips.

The exhibiton was named ‘FACES’ I think you can tell why –

Anna is a lovely hard working down to earth person. At her exhibtion there was music, wine, and at times you could watch her paint live it was amazing.

Having recently spoken to Laurini about her future plans, she told us, “Within the next week or so, I will be visiting New York to do a live painting show and of course some street art.” Her videographer will be following her around to document everything, how exciting!

Producing art that is profoundly expressive and though provoking in effect is what Anna does best.

For more information on Anna Laurini, you can follow her and her work on Instagram

Thank you for reading

Todd Hodson

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