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    Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection
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    Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection
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    Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection

The Industrial Charm of the Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design

It takes one hell of an artist, jewelry professional and a designer all together, to not just simply create a piece of jewelry but to share the energy through the divine art.

Yarden Aizic is a young jewelry designer from Tel Aviv, Israel, which might be why she doesn’t have the big label or a well-commercialized brand yet, but for sure does not lack the drive and the spirit along with the creativity. Her pieces of jewelry are somewhat deeply mysterious and yet sharply geometrically framed, edgy but elegantly presented. Glamorization of the industrial vibe is probably not the newest tendency in fashion, but is still hot, and the designs of Yarden just prove it to be true one more time.

Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection
Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection

The latest Mono-Metal collection is a mix of monochromatic colors and geometric and organic shapes. The pieces have a hypnotizing magic and edginess which is transformed into harmonic jewelry that follows the curves and lines of the body. Somewhat androgynous looking and gazing into the oblivion covered in metallic paint are the faces of the new collection: massive metallic bracelets, heavy silver necklaces and rings in the various shapes and unexpected couplings.

Yarden Aizic Jewerly Design, MONO-METAL Collection
Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection

It has a hypnotizing magic of the graceful aggression and simplicity at the same time. The designer truly speaks through her art. She picks on the causality of the industrial elements and turns into a high-fashion statement in the forms of the purely black or silver accessories reminding of the tubes going through a plant on the outskirts of a city.Her newest collection is a product inspired by the railroad track aerial photographs. It’s a bit disturbing but harmonically integrated and will give a stylishly gloomy look to an outfit, confronting the curves of the body.

Yarden’s jewelry is a sexy mix of the outer-space cosmic details, geometric shapes and industrial charm. It’s full blown grunge, and it’s hot.

Article by Mariya Moisseyeva

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