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Wonder Woman: she came and she’s here to stay

With Wonder Woman just released, many people were leaving theatres worldwide saying the same thing, “I wasn’t expecting it to be that good.” Okay…but what does that good even mean? Is it because it’s a superhero film?

Which I can understand, I mean, come on, we all saw Batman vs. Superman (if you didn’t, keep it that way) or is it because the lead is a woman? I’m going to let you think about that because you probably already know the answer.

Let’s be honest, superhero films, though are usually box office successes, are the worst – they’re just bad movies, do I even mention The Green Hornet? And then you have Wonder Woman. Not only is it a superhero film, it’s also has a female lead which had many people on edge when it came to seeing the film. If a guy in a Batman suit can’t make the film good, who says a woman will be able to do any better?

Wonder Woman film

But let me tell you when I say Wonder Woman, all I was thinking was, “finally, a movie came out where the hero was a woman and where the story didn’t revolve around a man.” Every movie involving a woman is a story that’s based around a man, that’s just the way it is.  But Wonder Woman finally took feminism and placed it in a positive light, bringing it back into mainstream film. The storyline was about a strong, independent woman – something which all women want to be and all men secretly admire. So, what’s not to love about it and why should that be kept in the dark?

Sure, it won’t be the biggest box-office hit, but, the impact it’ll leave on the film industry will be much greater in the long-term. Recently, female actors and directors have been pushing for the need for more female involvement in film and tv.

Wonder Woman film

They’re pushing for more female directors, equal pay among actors, more female roles. The fight is very real and it’s been going for some time behind closed doors. Though I say this and love how Wonder Woman has pushed women forward in regards to screen time, Gal Gadot’s paycheque for this film was only $300,000. Through this, you can see that the fight for equal rights within film is very real.

Though it lacks in equal pay, it’s succeeding in placing women on a whole different playing field for future films. If this film is accepted on an international level, Hollywood will have no choice but to move with the paradigm shift.

They’ll have to pay their actors more and women will need to be properly represented on screen and behind the scenes. And for this, we have Wonder Woman to thank.

Articule by Natasha Ivanovik

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