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What you really have to check out in Vancity

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Listen, if you’re going to Vancouver, I already know you’ve googled, “things to do to in Vancouver”. Not a bad google search, but there are some things that won’t pop up on TripAdvisor.  When you’re in Vancouver, or Vancity as us Vancouverites call it, you’re going to see this futuristic, glass-inspired city. Sure, that’s what Vancouver looks like, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find tons of cool places that aren’t in the typical tourist book and for good reasons. Here are some places and things I recommend you to give a try while in Vancity!

Grouse Grind


It’s not an easy hike, in fact, many people compete in seeing who can run up this mountain the fastest I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you have a couple hours and some runners with you, the view from the top is well worth the sweat you’ll be dripping.



Have you ever had a hotdog with a Japanese twist? Well, this food stand is well-known in Vancouver with their Asian-style hotdogs. You can get the terimayo which is a beef hotdog with seaweed, teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo and grilled onions. You may be hesitant about it now, but it wouldn’t be as popular as it is if it wasn’t delicious.

Main Street

Main Street

On the West Side, Main street is the place where you’ll be able to check out local designers and have some delicious food from any of the small and quaint restaurants along the street. Check out Foundation if you want to try some yummy vegetarian food. Next door is  8th and Main, a great clothing store.

Lynn Canyon


If you’re not afraid of heights, you need to check out Lynn Canyon. The park is free to walk around with terrifyingly high suspension bridges, waterfalls and raging rapids. It also has an ecology center that’s really informative and fun to go through. If you have a camera, there’s no way you cannot go there.

Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG)


The VAG is a great place to see amazing paintings and art installations. They’re known for having outstanding collections and always something to talk about. There’s even a cafe outdoors where you can sit in the middle of downtown and watch everybody below.

VanDusen Garden’s Elizabethan Hedge Maze


Okay, you may be thinking, it’s just a maze. But this is one of only six in North America. Also, regardless of the weather it’s a great way to spend the afternoon and get lost in the maze. <insert haunting music>.

Granville Island


Granville Island is a place you’ll have to check out while you’re in Vancouver. You can take the Aquabus from downtown to Granville Island where you’ll be able to see various art galleries featuring local artists and, of course, the stunning vibrant public market.

So if you find yourself in Vancouver with too many mainstream things to do and want to feel more fresh and daring give a try to one or two of these places and activities! We guaranty you´ll love any of them!

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