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Vanity Fair of Instagram Models

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They say that the modern model standards are shifting towards more realistic/body positive types, but it is still fair to say that those girls who are not falling into the conventional model type of the body or simply don’t have enough money to pay their way up to becoming a new it-girl might not have had a single chance of making it in the fashion industry.


But god bless technologies, these days self-promoting has reached a whole new level; a single selfie uploaded by a girl that has more Instagram followers than the whole population of Mongolia, can earn her…well, a lot of money. That Instagram game is quite straight-forward: if the amount of your Instagram followers allows you to become a trendsetter and a guru, you’ve got it covered and the companies willing to invest in you promoting their products will come along.

Interested in the fast-emerging world of Instagram models, we’ve analyzed the major accounts and grouped out based on the main trends.

Motivational Fitobabes Accounts


Here are the Instagram accounts of the girls that have a body to look up to and images of a lifestyle that will make you feel ashamed of ordering a pizza on a Friday night are on top of our list.
Jen Selter is a 20-year old American Instagram model that solely dedicated her account to dat ass fitness, sport and active lifestyle. She has gained 10 million followers and received a lot of offers from companies with big names such Nike, Lulu Lemon, New Balance, etc.
Amanda Lee is a personal fitness trainer that gained over 5 million followers by posing a lot of belfies (butt selfies) and being tagged in her clients photos. Thanks to her endless followers she’s been featured in Maxim, Cosmo and Esquire. Success that is.
Same way another fitness trainer Kayla Itsines made success off her #fitspiration posts. 




FOMO-inducing accounts


Fear of missing out (FOMO) was added to Oxford Dictionary in 2013 and has been the number one anxiety-causing fear fast-spreading among millennials and generation Y. That FOMO includes obsessing over social media, scrolling down Facebook and Instagram feed feeling slightly depressed realizing you are being your own ‘lame self. FOMO is a strong marketing tool that can play on people’s irrational fears of not being the cool kid and thus making them participate in the events, they might not even be eager to attend or buy stuff that they probably do not need…

21 year-old insta model Cindy Mello will get you jealous by showing off her Brazilian beauty, her life partying in NYC and a cute bf as well.
English-born, Australian model Sarah Stephens will definitely make you feel missed out with a bunch of fancy party photos from NYC, Sydney and London wearing expensive outfits and fur coats (Australia must be very cold…).
Lena Radonjic  is kind of an anti-FOMO goodie from Montenegro now living in sunny Miami. I guess for the followers who (don’t have a life) are not much into clubbing and living it up in the city, she is a person too look up to.  Besides for being nerdy, she is sexy and, I guess those are the two components of her success.
Rose Bertam a Belgium born is a master Yoda of Instagram. She knows exactly how to show off her friends and her soccer player boyfriend Gregory van der Wiel. And she also has a baby tiger. Feeling jealous yet?

Celebrities lookalikes


Claudia Alende  is a Brazilian girl that in 2015 became extremely famous on Instagram only for looking like Megan Fox. Ever since, she used it to climb her way up to the top. And it is safe to say she managed well…Her amount of Instagram followers is around 7 million, whereas Megan Fox herself has only 3.
Rosie Mac is a 19-year old British-born, Spain-raised Emilia Clarke lookalike who rose her fame after working as a body double for one of the scenes of Game of Thrones. Even though it was only one scene she used this short fame to promote herself on social media. Instagram came long way too making a success breakthrough a matter of one night.

It is easy, available to the broad masses and seems to be an “American dream” kind of thing in the world of fashion. However, we’ve been spending a lot, I mean really a lot of time on Instagram, looking into what exactly made the Instagram IT girls so popular.

And, to be honest, besides the hot bodies and some basic inspirational quotes there are only a few Instagram accounts that are not too generic. Oh well, at the end of the day Instagram is just a reflection, not beyond.

Mariya Moisseyeva

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