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Upcoming Indie-Rock Band: Les Tigres

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Les Tigres. Who are they? An upcoming indie-rock band whose newest album “Who Called?” was recently released on Bandcamp and Spotify.

George and Thomas met in Paris; and despite growing up on opposite coasts of the States, California and New York, their passion for music had them jamming together within a week of meeting each other.

They had both previously played in bands at home, so of course when they came to Paris, they were in desperate need of a musical outlet. At first, it was just for fun as they played in their dorm room for friends, passing around wine and cigarettes.

Thomas (left) Lead Guitarist and George (right) Guitarist and Vocals

The two of them musically clicked, however, and their music became more than just a fun and social activity. They started writing songs, and soon they released three original songs on soundcloud.

They began to play shows in Parisian bars, such as Galway Irish Pub and Le Pop-In, doing both originals and covers.

They have just released a new album, “Who Called?”, which features nine original songs recorded in their dorm room, using both their equipment from home and borrowed from friends. Their sound is a mix of alternative and rock music, taking inspiration from bands such as The Libertines, Car Seat Headrest, and The Raspberries.

They describe their own music as “indie-rock songs about lucid thoughts”, which certainly seems to be the case.

Les Tigres playing at Le Pop-In

Paris is a wonderful city for aspiring artists of all kinds, musicians are no exception to this. Bars such as Le Pop-In have shows for new bands and artists to debut their music and to connect with others who share similar musical aspirations or simply have a passion for it.

If you are lucky enough to live in Paris, seek out artistic opportunities like these, because they are everywhere!

Check out their new album by clicking this link.

Article by Samantha Jensen / Cover photo: Cover of newest album “Who Called?


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