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JEN GILPIN – This Berlin based fashion designer is one to watch out for! Canadian Jen who re-located here to Berlin in 2002 has been working hard in the fashion industry, the designer who concentrates on leather and silk designs. Leather used to define the lines and contours of the body, while silk adds fluidity and levity to the meticulously crafted forms. The designer is behind the compelling style of DSTM which stands for ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’, is one of Berlin’s most promising labels. Jen is not all solo though as she is working along side the amazing KYLE CALLANAN originally from New Zealand who has previously worked as a pattern maker and also winning the New Zealand Mercedes Benz young designer award, let’s just say he is VERY TALENTED. Their designs have a striking yet sensual look which is very distinctive to the public eye, this pair are cropping up everywhere and I’M LOVING IT!!



Here are the pair with a look that means business! Be sure to check their store out which is located in Mitte. Tortsrasse 161, 10115 Berlin.


ESTHER PERBANDT – who’s name is in every fashionistas mouth Esther’s title, born and raised in Berlin got toughened up in Moscow and polished in Paris is a VERY talented designer to say the least. Having completed a European Master’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design in the French capital as well as a postgraduate study at the Institut Français de la Mode. So, having all that experience under her belt she returned to Berlin in 2004 to found her very own fashion label ESTHER PERBANDT. Known for an androgynous silhouette, tough graphic-novel superhero style. The inspiration for her latest catwalk show was Star Wars which was featured in Vogue Runway. The collections focus on even the smaller details such as bags and pieces which presents portable/art objects like high quality pockets, belts and jewellery.


Here is Esther Perbandt looking cooler than ever, she is and lives in her designs, which is her unmistakable brand image. Both of Esther’s lines are distributed in Japan, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, the USA, Cyprus, Greece and lastly Hong Kong. It’s safe to say that she is very hard working and determined.


ÂME SŒUR – by 2 sisters SABINA & MADINA TASCHÉN Âme Sœur was founded in 2008 in Berlin by sisters, Sabina and Madina Taschén. While Sabina got her diploma in modelling and styling at Asmod Berlin, Madina graduated in Business Administration. Making them an ideal team to create and develop a fashion label together, and don’t they work so well at it. Their vision is to work with the creative and inspiring techniques of Haute Couture while still creating affordable and wearable pieces. With this goal in mind, the sisters developed the “One-Cut-Piece” Concept. This is usually an expression used in film-making, describing a video which is filmed without a single cut. The sisters use this expression to illustrate that each dress is made out of one single piece of fabric. Impressive right? Making clothes from just one piece of fabric fundamentally changes the aesthetics of the garment and generates new shapes and ideas.U298P1T117D775316F2571DT20130503085228_maxw808 U298P1T117D775319F2571DT20130503085247_maxw808


It’s safe to say these designers have got their work cut out to make a name for themselves as Germany has had it’s fair share of fashion designers such as, Karl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, Wolfgang Joop and Jil Sander who have became known and loved world wide. I must say Esther Perbandt, Jen Gilpin, Kyle Callanan and Sabina and Madina are doing a great job and are all bringing something different to the table and focusing on different ideas which is what fashion is about.

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