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TOPSHOP UNIQUE FW17 – Runway review

High street fashion TOPSHOP storms the runway at London Fashion Week with this season’s newest collection of ‘TOPSHOP UNIQUE’, filled with colour in order to take on this years fall season wearing runway looks at an affordable price.

Known as one of the top high street labels, TOPSHOP is becoming bigger and bigger and keeps up with trends. It also collaborates with high fashion labels to bring exclusive pieces and collections that would usually cost much more.

Topshop Unique FW17 – Photo: Marcus Tondo / Indigital.tv

This season just shows how far they have come in recent years, which is most impressing showing versatility and attitude.

Topshop Unique FW17 – Photo: Marcus Tondo / Indigital.tv

The collection was filled with floral prints, sprayed two-tone denim and oversized pieces which is the current trend. There is definitely something for everyone within this collection, so I’m sure it will be a huge hit with not just the young culture as most looks would suit all ages for that holiday look to even the professional look.

Topshop Unique FW17 – Photo: Marcus Tondo / Indigital.tv

TOPSHOP has always been known for mixing colour and daring that look some people are wary of putting together, but this collection has got to be the best yet. It seemed to be slowly making it’s way to high fashion but after this I’m sure it has boosted the brand in the right direction. The collection is full of energy, attitude and excitement for the summer season to begin.

If you haven’t yet seen the full collection then follow the link below to see what you’ll want to get your hands on.

London Fashion Week Unique Show – Topshop

Topshop Unique FW17 – Photo: Marcus Tondo / Indigital.tv

Article by Todd Hodson

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