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Top Five Vintage Stores in Paris

in Fashion/Lifestyle

Looking for a truly unique shopping experience in Paris? Forget Champs Elysées, Rue de Passy, and Boulevard Haussmann… or try something off the beaten path; Vintage clothing has been the trend to follow for the last couple years and you can see it on almost every fashion editorial. So hit some of the lesser known, more authentic vintage shops. Here are some of the #FlurPicks:

Kilo Shop

Kilo Shop

Kilo Shop, a chain of stores that sells vintage clothing by the kilo, is a must-go. One shop is located at 125 Boulevard Saint-Germain, the center of the Latin Quarter; here you are sure to find amazing prices for shirts, dresses, jeans, hats, purses, vests, and shoes. Another location, at 69/71 Rue de la Verrerie, is where Levi’s jeans are sold for as cheap as €14 and you can find countless one-of-a-kind pairs of converse. The retro feel to these shops makes the shopping experience unforgettable.

Hippy Market

Hippy Market

Located at 21 Rue du Temple, in the gorgeous and happening Le Marais neighborhood, Hippy Market is one of the best vintage stores in Paris. With the diverse array of colors covering the walls, you will feel like you just stepped into the 1960s. The prices are good, especially with the amazing quality of all the pieces. They have the biggest collection of coats and boots, all of which you will not be able to find anywhere else. If you’re looking for something bold and unique, this is the place.   



Vintage Standards

Vintage Standarts

Situated on the busy Boulevard Saint Germain, Vintage Standards is a very popular thrift shop. They describe themselves as the first “vintage supermarket in Europe”; and it truly is. With its large collection of womenswear in the front, and menswear in the back, it has everything you could possible need and more- all offered at very affordable prices. From bomber jackets and boyfriend jeans, to tie dye scarves and lace-up sneakers, this place truly has it all– and in every color!

 Vintage 77


Vintage 77, located in the Rue de Ménilmontant, is a designer vintage store for womenswear, offering both to buy and sell clothing. You can bring clothing (which must be designer brands in good condition) and offer a price for them. Vintage 77 is one of the most high end vintage stores in Paris, selling brands such as Maje, Georges Rech, Nat & Nin, Sandro, and many more. If you’re looking for designer brands at half the price, Vintage 77 is your place.  

Bric-à-brac Emmaüs


Unlike the other four vintage stores, Bric-à-brac Emmaüs sells more than just clothing and accessories. Comparable to an indoor flea market; it sells books, furniture, vinyl and CDs, and of course clothing and accessories as well. Because of its location at 4O rue Riquet in the 19th Arrondissement, you really have to be looking for this store in order to find it. It’s more than worth the Métro ride, as it is close to the 104 Culture Centre, a cool place for artists and art lovers to check out. The best part about Bric-à-brac Emmaüs is the prices. Books are €1, clothing and shoes are usually about €10, and larger furniture about €30-€60. The staff is friendly and interesting, and it is guaranteed you will walk out with at least one unique thing you absolutely adore.

Article by Samantha Jensen

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