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Three tips to steal the limelight on NYE!

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So it’s that time again, yes the end of the year 2016, where everyone can start a fresh year and focus on all their goals. But hold it right there, before you start shouting out your new year;s resolutions there are more important things to think about, such as:  what to wear, of course!

New Year’s eve is where people go crazy about what to wear and pull out all the stops. Here are my top three tips to steal the limelight and to look your very best while falling in to 2017.

Number 1: Add a bit of sparkle into your night, after all you should be celebrating the end of the year and moving forward into the next one. Sparkles, gems, crystals they all just scream out ‘PARTY’ and you’ll look as classy as that glass of champagne in your hand. Depending on what event or party you’re attending there are a many different types of dresses you can choose from.

For instance if you are attending some sort of event then a ball type of dress is a must. If it’s a party you are going to, then maybe something knee length to show off your figure ;). If you didn’t fancy showing any skin then a jumpsuit would be a perfect option.






Number 2: Makeup, your face must be on point! Don’t settle for any old look that you’ve gone for before, try something different it is NYE after all. Gold, silver, sparkle make your eyes stand out from the crowd. Remember you can change your whole look with makeup so give it a go, if you’re saying to yourself ‘oh i’m no good at makeup‘ that’s no excuse anymore with these step by step tutorials on youtube.

Number 3: Jewellery, it should be oozing with class. Now you probably got some new jewellery pieces for christmas a few days ago, but if you didn’t then don’t panic there’s still time. Earrings, necklace, brooch, rings, in my opinion the more colour and the bigger they are the better when it comes to this. If you’ve opted for a ball gown type of dress then match it with pearls to finish the look. If you’re not much of a jewellery person then style your outfit with a nice brooch, maybe a vintage one hiding away in your mums collection. That way no one else will have the same.

So there you have it my top 3 tips to standing out from the crowd this NYE. Remember this is a big deal you’re leaving this year and going straight into 2017! so you want to look good right?

Happy New Year from all of us at FLUR

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Article by Todd Hodson


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