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    Cave Beach, Booderee National Park
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Fitzroy, Melbourne
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    Waverley Cemetery, Sydney
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    State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

The five places to check out in New South Wales, Australia

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After a fifteen-hour plane ride, that’s right, fifteen hours, I landed in Sydney, Australia. My first time on that ginormous island, I decided to visit two main cities in New South Wales: Sydney and Melbourne.  Was it hot? Yes. Were there Kangaroos? Hell yes. Did I go broke? It ain’t cheap. But, aside from the excessive sweating and empty piggy bank, I did come across some amazing places that you need to check out on your next trip to Australia.

Treetop Adventure Park, Sydney

Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re into nature or not because this is a jaw-dropping experience. It’s outside of Sydney and the park rests high into the Australian treetops, hence the name. You start off down a trail in the forest and then end up 70 meters above ground, walking on a bridge through the lush, tropical vegetation. If you want an, even more, adrenaline pumping experience, take the zip line that goes right through the treetops.

Waverley Cemetery, Sydney

If you stay far away from cemeteries, make an exception for this one. It’s possibly the most beautiful cemetery I’ve ever seen. It sits right on a cliff and overlooks the ocean. Let’s just say, it’s prime real estate. Walk through the cemetery and you’ll feel like you’re in the 1800s. Now, this doesn’t have to be a full day trip but take a couple hours to check it out. You’ll be glad you did.



Cave Beach, Booderee National Park

If it wasn’t for my deflated air mattress, I would have camped longer, but for the time I was there, it was stunning. You’ll need a car to get there but you’ll be able to pitch a tent and be swarmed by hundreds of wild, hungry kangaroos. Don’t worry, they just want your food. The beach is long and sandy, covered in sea shells. Grab a book and relax or take a surf.

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

I know what you’re thinking, “I didn’t come to Melbourne to sit in a library”. Fair enough, but this isn’t just any old library. I mean, it’s old, but this is one you wished you were studying in. Its neoclassical architecture will have you speechless. Walk through the whole library and take it all in. I was there for two hours, probably the longest time I’ve ever spent in a library.

Fitzroy, Melbourne

When in Melbourne, you’re probably going to be hanging out the city center. Which is fine, but it’s small and commercial. My advice is to head a couple blocks out and check out the smaller neighborhoods like, Fitzroy. Melbourne is already the hipster capital of Australia, however, Fitzroy is the epicenter. It’s full of unique cafes, organic restaurants and vintage shops. You can spend all day there and still wouldn’t see everything. Plus, there’s a giant mural of George Costanza.

So there you have it, this are our #FlurPicks to check out while in Australia.

Article by Natasha Ivanovic

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