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So, as SS17 collections hit the runway at fashion week all over the world in recent weeks there is not one but two brands that are being spoken about worldwide. The two fashion brands SUPREME and LOUIS VUITTON have teamed up to make a collaboration that everyone will want.

Each brand have got their own thing going on and always have. SUPREME, being a skating brand, has been a huge hit in the last few years building it’s reputation within the young culture (and with their prices being tripled) it’s safe to say that it’s becoming more and more high fashion everyday.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton – Picture: Supreme

LOUIS VUITTON has always been high fashion when it comes to all styles. Handbags, sunglasses and shoes being the most seen in major cities such as New York, Paris and London. It has a huge influence as you will most likely see celebrities with at least one item from VUITTON.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton – Picture: Supreme

So when the pair teamed up and made the collabration it came as quite a shock, with it being talked about more than any other recent collaboration in a while.

The collaboration collection is very current and very high fashion, the runway was filled with bumbags, backpacks, skateboards, footwear and clothing that every fashionista will want to get their hands on.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton – Picture: Nick Wooster

Many are calling it the most important collaboration in fashion history as it has brought a street fashion label to luxury as LOUIS VUITTON has always been known for that.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton – Picture: Highsnobiety

It is also shocking how many of the pieces designed for the collaboration were full of colour, with the bags predominantly in the SUPREME red colour and VUITTON owning the signature scarf colour.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton – picture: Supreme

The world seems more than eager to purchase these items but everyone will have to wait until the summer, as the collection doesn’t drop until Monday July 17th.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton – Picture: Highsnobiety

For now why not check out the full collection below and decide what you want?

Here’s the Upcoming Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collection


Article by Todd Hodson


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