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Parisian Bloggers to Follow in the Upcoming Year

in Fashion/Lifestyle/Streetstyle

It is not surprising that Paris is full of travel, fashion, food, and art bloggers. It is home to some of the best museums, restaurants, and street style; not to mention, some of the most artistic minds of this generation reside here. It is a city where writers come to be inspired, aspirating fashion designers come to learn, where lovers of art come to be awed. Painters, drawers, musicians, writers, designers, foodies, sculptures, and travellers flock to Paris for the abundance of creative energy and imaginative work that floods the city.

Of course, the abundance of bloggers, designers, and artists in Paris can be overwhelming as well, so we compiled a list of a few bloggers to follow in the upcoming 2017 year.

Céline Marks of Les Demoizelles

Follow Céline Mark’s’ Instagram not only to keep up with French trends, but also to be instantly transported to the beautiful city of Paris each time you scroll through your feed. Her photographs are traditional, calming, and clean. Her unique photographs capture cafés, the best views of the city, mouthwatering macarons, lovely home decorations, and ideas for stylish accessories. If you want more than just pictures, follow her blog for her fashion, travel, and beauty stories and advice.


If you are interested in travel and food photographs, stories, and inspiration, then follow Slanelle, (instagram: @slanelle). Her photographs include pictures of her daily journeys: in Paris or beyond, accompanied with explanations. Slanelle also has a Blog and YouTube account, both of which cover larger ranges of topics, such as How-to-Do videos on various hairstyles and makeup, and a large range of acoustic guitar and vocal covers.

Daphné Moreau of @daphnemodeandthecity

Daphné Moreau has been writing her Paris blog for almost ten years now- you can certainly trust her. Her instagram follows traditional Parisian brands such as Hermés and Miu Miu, but her Outfit of the Day’ (OOTD) photographs are reason enough to follow: @daphnemodeandthecity. Her blog contains beauty secrets, cuisine and cooking advice, and original fashion tips for every season, and for both men and women.  

By Samantha Jensen

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