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PARIS VS BERLIN – which one would you choose?

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We all acknowledge Paris and Berlin as major fashion cities, well-known all over the world for their style, fashion designers and Fashion Weeks that bring an obscene amount of people visiting both cities to see what’s new in trends and style.

In this article I will be talking purely about the street style side of the cities and the fashionistas themselves who wear these clothes which make the city stand out even more! So here it goes….

First up – Char Ellesse currently based in Paris and working in the fashion industry. With her distinct look and fabulous style, she is definitely catching attention in the city of love. If I had to describe Paris fashion in two words i’d say “minimal and expensive” – the word “minimal” as most of the street styles that I’ve seen are simple and work the trend “colour-block” but using beautiful colours as accents to bring out the outfit.

As you can see on the pictures above, in all of her outfits she wears plain colours, not much crazy prints on any of the clothing and however, she matches with other clothing items to create an interesting street look. I would say a more elegant and professional look. But it’s not always like that, street style can be anything you put together and make it your own.

I’m sure a lot of people have the same clothing as Char but don’t really know how to style it well and pull it off. There is one thing I hate and it’s when people that say “It doesn’t suit me”.

You can pull anything off if you style it the right way.

We can see some different looks from Char mixing colours you would never imagine would go together but they do, and how amazing do they look. It looks so effortless for her to look so cool.

Picture from Char Ellesse Instagram

Picture from Char Ellesse Instagram

Looking at Paris fashion I would say the clothing is all about wavy wide leg trousers, denim, silk, trainers –  the brighter the better and distinctive accessories all effortlessly put together is what makes a ‘très chic’ look. Having said all of that I think Char definitely has it all and she is rocking every look i’ve seen her in. If you love her style just as much as me then you can follow her on instagram here.

Next stop… BERLIN!

Here we have Mikey Woodbridge, based in Berlin, he is a well known persona in the fashion and music industry. To say one thing about his style, he wears whatever he wants and how he wants it and I LOVE IT!

Berlin is totally different to Paris regarding fashion style.

Myself being based in Berlin and seeing the different street styles everyday I can tell you, Berlin is all about craziness. Wearing as many different things as you can and it’s not even about looking ‘cool’, it’s about making a statement. Berliners love clothing, accessories and shoes that look so different, almost futuristic. The point is wearing something that attracts attention and makes you look different to another fashionista.


Picture fromPatrick Mason Instagram

Next up – Patrick Mason based in Berlin as well and working in the fashion industry, he is known for his quirky cool street styes that stand out in the city. Mixing bright colours with his looks and matching accessories reenforcing his statement: to stand out even more. He wears high socks or stylish patterned tights under his clothing that you would usually see others wear for the gym, but oh! does he make it work!

Berlin’s style in my opinion has to sides to it.  It can be very sexual, hard-core, and explicit; however, the other side can be very stylish just about individuals really putting time and effort in to the way they dress. Many of them are designing some of the clothing and accessories themselves which makes Berlin even more unique.

If I had to choose which city has the best fashion/ street-style it would take me forever to decide. I love both cities styles in different ways. Paris is so chic and Berlin is so crazy. Ask the question yourself, which one would you choose?

If you like the styles from these ever so fashionable individuals then you can follow them on social network here – Instagram/ Mikey WoodbridgePatrick Mason Char Ellesse

Thank you for reading

Todd Hodson


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