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James Springall and his Alternative Universe

James Springall is an incredibly talented artist based in London. If you are familiar with his art you will know his work is characterized by collages that tell alternative narratives and understandings of everyday life. In order to develop his pieces he travels through time periods and merges together different subject matter obtaining as a result “new and previously unconsidered worlds”.

For James it all started with a gift, someone gave him a bunch of old Face magazines that he dragged with him for years before considering to do something interesting with them. “I never really looked at them but just felt like I should hold on to them for one reason or another.”

He was then driven by the “need to start making something tangible with my hands in order to express myself” and started composing his pieces. His creative process begins with a collection of printed materials, which he then reassembles taking the cut-outs out of context to express what’s in his mind most of the times with a hint of comedy.

If you are interested in the work this incredible artist a piece of Springall’s work entitled DREAM which was feature in Jealous Needs You exhibition in East London this past November will now be shown in the Saatchi Gallery this January. You don’t want to miss it!


instagram: @jamesspringall_

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