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    Cholat Paris Collection
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    Cholat Paris Collection
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    Cholat Paris Collection
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    Cholat Paris Collection

Interview with Emma Cholat founder & designer of Cholat Paris

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This week we caught up with Emma Cholat, the founder of Cholat Paris, a Parisian based women’s ready-to-wear label founded in 2015. Cholat’s vision is to create clothes that can fit every woman’s personal style by taking inspiration from different extremities.

The design aesthetic is dramatic and bohemian with influences from minimalism, sportswear, gothicism and street wear. They choose their materials with care and put a lot of focus on details and fitting to ensure the best fit and quality.

Cholat Paris Store & Collection
Cholat Paris Store & Collection

When did you realise you wanted to start your own label?

Ever since I fell in love with fashion (so since forever). When I was studying fashion I already knew that I wanted to build up my own business, so all work I’ve done since I got out of school has been with the goal to one day be ready and have enough experience of the fashion industry to be able to have my own brand.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

Birds, free souls, geometric shapes & contrast (which explains all the feathers and the black & white colours of the collection)

What kind of market are you targeting? Who is the ‘Cholat girl’?

The Cholat Woman is a mysterious independent woman that adapts her style to the environment – She is a city girl but with a strong connection to nature and demands freedom. She’s like a bird, you can’t put her in a cage.

What is the toughest part about working in the fashion industry as an entrepreneur?

All the years of hard work without getting paid, you need to have a LOT of patience and keep on going even during those days when everything goes against you.

Cholat Paris Collection
Cholat Paris Collection

What is life like in 2016 for an emerging fashion label in Paris?

Well it’s really exciting of course! We have so much fun at the office, now the interesting part of my job starts – To see your little baby grow bigger is nerve racking but exciting!

What things do you draw inspiration from the most?

Oh I’m like a sponge sucking in everything around me, so it’s really hard to say where exactly I get my inspiration from because it’s changing all the time. Art, photography & women inspire me alot – I always have a muse in mind when I create my pieces.

What is coming up for Cholat in the next six months?

Oh my! There is so much to do, I don’t even know where to start. For next year we need to find more employees and we will start building up all the prototypes for the A/W17 collection. Then a lot of meetings with bloggers, magazines & clients are already up on the calendar.

Cholat Paris Collection
Cholat Paris Collection

You are the boss right? What are your tricks to be good leader?

Haha! Well on the paper I am yes, but I don’t work thinking that I’m the boss. We work together as a team, and I motivate everyone to take their own initiative. I believe that people are willing to work so much harder if you are having fun & love the job.

Interview by Tenille King




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