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In Memory of Franca Sozzani

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This week the fashion world mourns the death of Franca Sozzani, Editor and Chief of Vogue Italia, we simply must pay tribute and here’s why.

In the past 28 years working as the editor and chief for Vogue Italia, Franca has not only transformed and influenced the Italian fashion industry but she created a unique and strong imprint for Vogue Italia worldwide. Franca never played by anyone else’s rules and certainly didn’t feel restricted as editor which is the one quality that made her a truly unforgettable editor. She discussed cultural and social issues no matter how controversial through the power of imagery and fashion.

fashion isn’t really about clothes, it’s about life.

Franca always believed that ‘fashion isn’t really about clothes, it’s about life’ and this was extremely evident in her work and vision for the magazine. Time and time again she published controversial editorials, just recently in 2014 a shoot she ran shows girls being chased by men in the street holding knifes, which was heavily prompted by the increase in domestic violence in Italy. In 2008 she made an entire issue featuring only black models, it was reprinted three times. Sozzani never had a problem with basing her shoots off real world issues and news, in fact she had a knack for it and it was a recurring pattern shown throughout her career.  

Though her work was bold and never intimidated by standards and rules, Franca has been described by many who worked alongside her as very quiet and collected with a great deal of loyalty but a very clear vision which always encompasses the concept of evolving in fashion and creatively moving forward. Many editors including Anna Wintour have testified that fashion can not live in the past, the importance to keep moving forward and creatively evolve is what made Franca such a successful and iconic influencer in the fashion world.

We will never forget her daring attitude to discuss and raise awareness of world issues through the power of imagery. We hope to be able to take a bit of Franca in and remember her this way.

By Tenille King

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