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Day Joy is Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval. Their music began from friendship and humble beginnings writing on the porch late at night in dreamy Orlando Florida. It moved into the living room where it has developed into the lush and layered recordings you hear now with the help of some modest recording equipment and a little bit of liquor..
Let me present you this beautiful band with the words of the creators…

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When and how did “dayjoy” first fall together?

Peter Perceval and I met as classmates at the University of Central Florida. I played in another band at the time called Introduction to Sunshine. As our friendship grew we fiddled around with tunes here or there until we had written a few songs we really liked. That was a few years ago now. We didn’t record any of our songs until the summer of 2011 when we realized we had enough songs for a full-length and the equipment and capacity to record it.

How is the band composed?

The band was originally just Peter playing the banjo, ukulele, or guitar and me singing and playing guitar or drums. We only played one show like this. After recording the record, we assembled a full five-piece band to compensate for all the vocal layering, instrumentals, etcetera. Now our line up includes: Adam Ibrahim (drums) Travis Reed (bass, guitar, keys, vocals) Artie Burer (bass, aux percussion, guitar, keys, vocals) Peter Perceval (banjo, ukulele, guitar, vocals) and Michael Serrin  (banjo, guitar, keys, vocals)

Where r u from?

I’m from Orlando, Florida. Peter is from Pensacola, Florida. We both currently reside in Orlando.

Tell us about your EP “New Ordinary 7”.

The “New Ordinary” EP is actually comprised of the first song we recorded (“New Ordinary”) and one of the last songs we recorded (“Go to Sleep, Mess”). We chose these two songs for our first release because they sort-of exemplify the spectrum of our sound. The two songs also work really well together conceptually – “Go to Sleep, Mess” being a tormented night finally fading to sleep only to wake up for another new but ordinary day.

Your art cover is pretty good… who made it?

Peter made the cover art. He actually studied graphic design at UCF and will be designing all of our artwork.

Which instruments do you work with the most?

We try to keep our instrumentation as diverse as possible. Our current line-up is two synths, banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums and auxiliary percussion, ukulele, and bass. Obviously not all of these are played at once. We like to pass our instruments around so no one gets bored.

Do you like hearing to new music all the time?

I really have no idea. When I listen to the songs I’m sure I don’t hear anything close to what other people hear. There comes a point after recording, mixing, and mastering a song that it doesn’t even sound like a song anymore – you’ve just heard it so many times and listened to every nuance. It’s hard to step back and just hear the song after that.

Do you plan to realize an album in the near future?

Definitely! We already have thirteen songs recorded and we plan to release them in another 7” EP and a full-length this year.

What are you up right now?

We’ve been practicing a lot to perfect our live show. If all goes well, we’ll be playing out in the southeast by summer. We’re planning a music video – no idea what will come of it, but keep your eyes peeled in the months ahead. I’ve also been mixing and mastering the record.

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