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Upcoming Indie-Rock Band: Les Tigres

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Les Tigres. Who are they? An upcoming indie-rock band whose newest album “Who Called?” was recently released on Bandcamp and Spotify. George and Thomas met in Paris; and despite growing up on opposite coasts of the States, California and New York, their passion for music had them jamming together within a week of meeting each…

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Burnt out yet?

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If you find yourself discussing deep philosophical matters with a totally naked professor from London School of Economics -either you are tripping balls on acid in your living room, or- you might as well be at the Burning Man. This festival during the past 30 years gained a reputation for being, well….quite trippy. As almost every solid…

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A closer look of Burning Man

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A close friend of Flur Magazine, model Veronica Zoppolo, was part of this amazing video project at the 2016 festival ‘Burning Man’, shot by the talented photographer Alvin Nguyen.  We talked with Alvin Nguyen and he shared with us his perspective of what the project was all about and his ideas and experiences on Burning Man festival. Enjoy! -How long…

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Day Joy

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Day Joy is Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval. Their music began from friendship and humble beginnings writing on the porch late at night in dreamy Orlando Florida. It moved into the living room where it has developed into the lush and layered recordings you hear now with the help of some modest recording equipment…

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