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Editorial: Flur Designers

Production, photo & styling by: Gabriella Rouiller  Assistant: Pitt Revet MUA: Pamela Cambre Models: Lucia & Selene Clothes by Rotunda – Margo … Keep Reading

Rhoda #FlurDesigners

Rhoda is the clothing brand of Emiliana Gonçalves, a young designer who launched into the Uruguayan market with her new entrepreneurship along … Keep Reading

ALBA #FlurDesigner

Alba is the result of Marcela Abal initiative, who wanted to create a project based upon the reconsideration of native values transmitted … Keep Reading

Burnt out yet?

If you find yourself discussing deep philosophical matters with a totally naked professor from London School of Economics -either you are tripping balls … Keep Reading


Kai Dunkel is a german brand definitely not inspired by Lederhosen – let’s be thankful for that. The menswear brand is quite … Keep Reading

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