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  – Synopsis: Can you split your heart in two? Can you be in love of two people at the same time? What are the consequences? The story of a girl divided by her two weaknesses, lead her to live simultaneously two love stories on which we see her enjoy and suffer at the same time.…

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James Springall and his Alternative Universe

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  • Collage-3.jpg

James Springall is an incredibly talented artist based in London. If you are familiar with his art you will know his work is characterized by collages that tell alternative narratives and understandings of everyday life. In order to develop his pieces he travels through time periods and merges together different subject matter obtaining as a…

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Wes Anderson´s H&M Fashion Film

in Artists/Fashion

Wes Anderson has directed a holiday film for H&M and in FLUR we loved it! It’s been a while since his last feature came out and it’s said to be a little while longer before the next is released. But for now, thanks to H&M we have this fabulous short fashion film to get us through the…

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Amsterdam Art weekend: lost in Interpretation

in Artists
  • ED_DustinYellin_50A0039.jpg
    Dustin Yellin
  • traceyemin.jpg
    Tracey Emin
  • Warhol.jpg
    Warhol @ Sotheby's: Highlights from the Lex Harding Prints Collection
  • blah-.jpg
    Jordan Wolfson ‘MANIC/LOVE/TRUTH/LOVE’

Somewhere between the slightly apathetic late-fall vibes and pre-Christmas madness on the last weekend of November, Amsterdam becomes the hot spot for the art enthusiasts, established artists, creative minds and bohemian hipsters. For the 5th year now, Amsterdam gathers the crowd for its Art Weekend – an event that gained the widespread fame in many…

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The Industrial Charm of the Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design

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  • 397c71598b735579ca2133734c670d5d-e1478097363369.jpg
    Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection
  • Yarden-Aizic-Jewerly-Design1--e1478097332462.jpg
    Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection
  • Yarden-Aizic-Jewerly-Design2-e1478097241596.jpg
    Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design, MONO-METAL Collection

It takes one hell of an artist, jewelry professional and a designer all together, to not just simply create a piece of jewelry but to share the energy through the divine art. Yarden Aizic is a young jewelry designer from Tel Aviv, Israel, which might be why she doesn’t have the big label or a…

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  • berlinartweek_metalmagazine_10.jpg
  • berlinartweek_metalmagazine_7.jpg
  • berlinartweek_metalmagazine_4.jpg
  • abc-art-berlin-contemporary-Credit-Berlin-Art-Week-2015_Foto-Alexander-Rentsch-4.jpg

Berlin Art Week took place in Berlin for the fifth time this year and it was spectacular as always. The event that concentrates on all aspects of Art widened its’ horizons this year filling the week with enough exhibitions to keep your mind busy for the rest of the year. The week was also jam…

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Chiharu Shiota’s ‘Uncertain Journey’

in Artists
  • Chiharu-Shiota-Uncertain-Journey-2016-Installation-view-Courtesy-the-artist-and-BlainSouthern-Photo-Christian-Glaeser-4.jpg
    Chiharu Shiota Uncertain Journey 2016
  • lauria_ghinitoiu_artweek_uncertain_journey_12_of_19.jpg
    Chiharu Shiota Uncertain Journey 2016
  • lauria_ghinitoiu_artweek_uncertain_journey_19_of_19.jpg
    Chiharu Shiota Uncertain Journey 2016

Chiharu Shiota was born in Osaka, Japan in 1972 and has been living and working in Berlin since 1996. The artist has created exhibitions all over Germany, Spain, the UK and even the US. Chiharu’s latest exhibition is ‘Uncertain Journey’ and is at the BLAIN|SOUTHERN gallery based in Berlin, Germany. Chiharu Shiota is very well known around the…

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Precious Ivory: Alejandro Jodorowsky

in Artists
  • LA_DANZA_DE_LA_REALIDAD_Trailer-fr.jpg
    La danza de la realidad, directed and written by Alejandro Jorodowsky
  • endless_poetry2_h_2016.jpg
    Endless Poetry, autobiographical movie directed and written by Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • el-topo-alejandro-jodorowsky.jpg
    El topo, Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • santa-sangre3.png
    Santa Sangre, Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Are souls born different? Oftentimes, there are individuals that test the nature and nurture dichotomy and Alejandro Jodorowsky has clearly nurtured such a juxtaposition. His heritage, born of Jewish-Ukrainian parents – a mother and father that themselves were nomadic around many cities of the then Russian Empire – that migrated to Chile. Alejandro’s father was…

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Yayoi Kusama Herself and Her Infinity Mirrored Room

in Artists
  • REU-POY-172.jpg
  • 1393208578907.cached.jpg
  • kusama_press013-1600x1065.jpg
    Yayoi Kusama
  • DSC_0087-1024x685.jpg
    Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

Yayoi Kusama originally from Japan was born in 1929 and is an influential figure in the New York art scene and known world wide for her paintings and performances leading all the way back to the 1960’s. Over 30 years ago she displayed a painting that was over 30 feet long and almost ten feet…

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Premieres and Palazzos: The Venice Film Festival 2016

in Artists/Lifestyle
La la land/ Venice Film Festival

The golden lion roared across Saint Mark’s square as the Venice Film Festival rolled out the red carpet for the 73rd year. Once a rival to its French neighbour Cannes, Venice’s popularity has dimmed over the years, but its reputation as one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world remains incontestable. This year,…

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Dead Nature… Alive

in Artists/Designers
  • 13887042_951450381647079_7346889973947234752_n.jpg
    Adriana Guelfi Herrera Dead Nature.. Alive collection.
  • 162705_2231-M-baja.jpg
  • 162805_2591-MV-baja.jpg

Dead Nature…Alive is the dream of Adriana Guelfi Herrera… the artist that loved Nature as from a child: jacaranda flowers lying fallen on a carpet of grass, evening sunsets and twilights in the countryside, shooting stars and sea-foam… all a never ending source of fascination. This collection is an ecosystem composed of small collections inspired by Nature. Some…

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Factory Worker: The Photographic Production Line of Billy Name

in Artists/Lifestyle/Musicans/Photography
  • Andy-Warhol-on-payphone-at-World’s-Fair-1964-©-Billy-Name-Reel-Art-Press.jpg
    Andy Warhol on payphone-at Worlds Fair-1964© Billy Name /Reel Art Press
  • Billy-and-Jackie-by-Andy-©-Billy-Name-Reel-Art-Press.jpg
    Billy and Jackie by Andy © Billy Name /Reel Art Press
  • http-observer.com_.jpg
    Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol © Billy Name /Reel Art Press
  • Detail-of-Edie-Sedgwick-screen-test-1965.-©-Billy-Name-www.timeout.com_.jpg
    Detail of Edie Sedgwick Screen Test-1965 © Billy Name /Reel Art Press

Andy Warhol, who infamously stated that, “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes,” was undoubtedly one of the first people to amalgamate his creativity with pop culture. The concept of having 15 minutes of fame is seemingly part of modern culture; we are saturated with reality TV, YouTube, Instagram and Vine stars…

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Burnt out yet?

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  • Our-flight-leaving-burning-man.jpg
    Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
  • IMG_1176-e1473534525139.jpg
    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
  • arrival-to-burning-man-e1473534624358.jpg
  • Art-car-e1473534612322.jpg
  • IMG_1191-e1473534484426.jpg
    Processed with VSCO with 7 preset
  • IMG_1179-e1473534494207.jpg
    Processed with VSCO with 8 preset
  • DSC01590-e1473534547536.jpg
  • DSC01524-e1473534557824.jpg
  • DSC01511-e1473534566335.jpg

If you find yourself discussing deep philosophical matters with a totally naked professor from London School of Economics -either you are tripping balls on acid in your living room, or- you might as well be at the Burning Man. This festival during the past 30 years gained a reputation for being, well….quite trippy. As almost every solid…

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A closer look of Burning Man

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A close friend of Flur Magazine, model Veronica Zoppolo, was part of this amazing video project at the 2016 festival ‘Burning Man’, shot by the talented photographer Alvin Nguyen.  We talked with Alvin Nguyen and he shared with us his perspective of what the project was all about and his ideas and experiences on Burning Man festival. Enjoy! -How long…

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ANNA LAURINI – The artist behind “FACES”

in Artists

If you take the time to listen to your own creative pulse, one does not need to look too far to find inspiration. The mystery has been solved; the artist behind these distinctive faces is Anna Laurini, an accomplished artist from Milan, Italy. Laurini, now based in London, is making herself known in the big…

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