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The brilliant simplicity of Nina Hauzer

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They say that good design is timeless. To successfully and efficiently combine functionality and aesthetics is not an easy chore, even more if we’re talking about bags and shoes. When it comes to accessories these elements are essential and, as some of you will agree, non-negotiable. At Nina Hauzer not only they accomplish it, but they also manage to exceed our expectations with each of their creations.

Ethel Bags – Picture: Nina Hauzer

The young brand has only been active since mid-2015 after Erika Stiglitz, founder and head designer, incorporated a limited line of shoes and bags to her other clothing brand, The Statement with the purpose of testing waters and eventually developing a separate brand.

Gio Shoes – Picture: Nina Hauzer

Right off the start the success of Erika’s accessories was overwhelming and her three original shoe designs quickly became a must-have item reaching cult status almost immediately. Now, after only two years, they are considered classics of Uruguayan design. After such a meteoric rise, Nina Hauzer was born.

Miyake Bag – Picture: Nina Hauzer

The name comes from Nina Zumpf and Ethel Hauzer, Stiglitz’s grandmothers and her main role models. As in any personal project, the development of the brand, its identity and of the products was completed through an intense investigation process looking for the best materials, manufacturers and skilled workers.

Tavi Shoes – Picture: Nina Hauzer

You can’t really associate Stiglitz with conformism. Being officially trained and having a strong background in graphic design, her attention to detail and self-criticism are occupational habits that help in her search for the absolute perfect product.

Kate Shoes – Picture: Nina Hauzer

From the design process to the choices of finishes -and including her incredible campaign shoots- Erika has everything under control. Also, having had an up-close experience in the shoe business –her grandparents used to have a shoe factory- she knows exactly what she wants.

Audrey Bag – Picture: Nina Hauzer

Both her shoes and bags are made with genuine leather of the highest quality and manufactured by the most skilled workers in the country. This, in addition to her amazing designs, is what makes her pieces so coveted around the world. It’s no wonder that her products have already been highlighted in many international publications, including VogueElle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Anna Red featured in Vogue UK – Picture: Nina Hauzer

Her designs being a visual delight, we share with you a few of her top items for you to enjoy, daydream and maybe even start choosing your own. As of now, you can buy Nina Hauzer pieces in our very own FlurMarket:

Gio Shoe
Iris Shoe
Karlie Shoe


Article by Sebastian Correa



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