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Black Friday & Cyber Monday- Flur tells you everything you need to know

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Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the world goes absolutely crazy for Black Friday, where it’s sales galore in every high street you walk through. Originally starting in the States, the Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday is now known worldwide and it has become a huge starting point for the christmas shoppers in the US, UK and all over Europe.

Almost every shop has something that will catch your eye and at a fraction of the original price it’s hard to say no. Even tho it´s Friday the day with the most stores with discounts, some shops even start the sales earlier, plus the following Monday after Thanksgiving, which is generally called Cyber Monday, is when you will get the last minute deals leading up to Christmas, only this time it’s online.

Shoppers on Black Friday wating for Nordstrom to open
Shoppers on Black Friday waiting outside Nordstrom

So all sounds great right? Well it might seem like, but you better be prepared if you are willing to give Black Friday a try, especially when thousands of other shoppers want the same items you do, them it´s WAR! Shops will open earlier than normal, some even opening at 6am and having people that have queued for hours who will be waiting desperately to get their hands on those items at a knockdown price.

Survival of the fittest or the fastest? You´ve been warned…

Or if you’d like to shop in a more civilised manor then I suggest you get yourself comfortable on the sofa, keep your laptop on charge and hit that refresh button from Sunday midnight. Given that the sales start in the very first hours of Monday.

Black Friday up until Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day of the year and statistics say that 2.9 billion pounds is expected to be spent over this period…… WOW!! Now that´s a lot of shopping.

Online shopping

The things to look out for this year are, Games Consoles, Smartphones, TV’s, Laptops, iPads, electronics in general, plus let’s not forget Clothing & Footwear.

Almost all retail and high street shops will be involved in these sales, so get ready for some bargains. Although some of the bigger brands like Apple aren’t usually involved in Black Friday it doesn’t mean that you still won’t get one of their products from another retailer at a lower price, like ARGOS, CURRYS and other high street shops.

If you are reading this and thinking about your shopping list and eager to start then not to worry as AMAZON have actually beat everyone to it and started the sales right now. Go check it out.

Amazon stars Black Friday sales
Amazon stars Black Friday sales

So you there you have it, all the info you need to go out get yourself some deals, if I could give you any advice it would to be ready super early or….. Do it from home with a hot chocolate in your pyjamas in front on your laptop, I know that’s what i’ll be doing.

Less than one week to go!


Article by Todd Hodson 


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