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The best 5 shows from NYFW FW17

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You never really know what to expect at fashion week. Will glitter be the latest trend, will bold colors dominate the runway or is it all about the pearly pinks? Though outside, New York was a little bit of a drag with the grey skies, it was bright and vibrant inside NYFW.

So, what designers really stood out among the rest? Good question. Here are my favourite designers from NYFW.


Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs FW17 NYFW

I loved the Marc Jacobs collection. I only wish I had enough attitude to pull off his looks. His collection was inspired by the documentary Hip-Hop Evolution and you can clearly see it in his collection.

It was all 90s hip-hop from head to toe, you know, the era of hip-hop. The baggy pants, chunky shoe and mixed textures really gave his collection the edginess and flavor of the 90s.



Yeezy FW17 – NYFW

Overall, Kanye West’s Yeezy line is nothing crazy, there’s nothing extreme or wild about it. However, the simplicity of his collection was a nice mix of all the bright and bold colors that were on the runway. Plus, his collection is relatable and achievable.

Okay, sure, you probably won’t be able to afford his line’s jean jacket, but you can get his look by literally taking $20 to any second hand or vintage store.







Baja East

Baja East FW17 – NYFW

Their collection this season was badass. It had this “bad girl” street vibe going on, mixed with velvet, deep purples, bold blues and crop tops. Some of their pieces were form fitting, however, most of them were more relaxed and casual, yet, were still strong and feminine. I think it was the slick backed hair that gave it more edge.


Jonathan Simkhai

flur-magazine-best-of-nyfw-fw17-jonathan simkai
Jonathan Simkhai FW17 – NYFW

Personally, I’m not much of a girly girl, but Jonathan Simkhai’s collection won me over. Yes, it was ultra-femme. Yes, it was romantic. Yes, it was hot. His collection flowed beautifully and he wasn’t scared to free the nipple. Though his collection was flowy and soft, his evening wear was structured and detailed with embroidery.



Coach FW17 – NYFW

Coach took a little spin down memory lane of Woodstock with their flowing floral dresses and natural brown tones which gave it a very 60s vibe. Cowhide mixed with floral, mixed with lace, gave it many layers and made the composition warm yet contemporary. Okay, it was probably the tumbleweed and desert floor which enhanced the atmosphere, but Coach really gave a twist on the upcoming trend of florals.

Of course, there were many other designers which caught my attention, however, these five designers were some of the best that were seen on the runway in New York.

Article by Natasha Ivanovic

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