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    Louis Vuitton Bags Collection Spring Summer 17
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    Céline Purses Collection Spring Summer 17
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    Moschino Bag Collection Spring Summer 17
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    Balenziaga Bag Collection Spring Summer 17

So replaceable but so hard to resist: Bag trends 2017

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The past Fashion Month was hot on many things, but the accessories and especially purses have caused quite some stories to remember.

It is not just one purse, but the whole bunch of arm-candies that were featured in the various fashion shows this month.

Looking back at the bags’ trends and debuts this Fashion Month, Céline has gone further upgrading its iconic 50’s style-frame-bags and had made its’ bucket bags even more neat, if it’s possible. Going back to the memories of the post-Soviet Union childhood, Demna Gvasalia has has included striped shuttle-traders styled big purses into his debut Balenciaga collection. Nina Ricci has gone full blown gardener style with the purses shaped as roses.

Céline Purse Spring Summer 17
Céline Purse Spring Summer 17

It certainly does not hurt to challenge the society once in a while; with Moschino’s provoking line, which has caused quite some fuss around its’ new pill-themed accessories line. Clutches, backpacks and purses covered all over with the pills prints, capsule-shaped bags with the ‘warning’ sings on them have one way or another brought back the 80’s theme along with some concerned comments. Whether or not the new Moschino line has ‘glamorized drug use’ is up to each individual to decide, but at least the line was certainly noticed on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks…. and the purses were thrown away from some stores across the US.

Moschino Purse Spring Summer 17
Moschino Purse Spring Summer 17

Instead of the iconic Monogram print, Louis Vuitton has introduced purses with the leopard-petrol spill-kind of prints. Along with already well-known Petite Malle from Louis Vuitton line, the fame was brought to the iPhone cases debuted on the last day of Paris Fashion Week. Weather it is a new fashion world’s obsession or simply is an accessory for those who can’t afford a full-sized LV purse…well, the time will show.

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case Spring Summer 17
Louis Vuitton iPhone Case Spring Summer 17

These were our Flur Picks purses from a couple of designers, but the amount of the accessories-to-die-for featured this month goes to infinity. Some of the purses will become commercial hits, very few might become iconic in some years, but some of them will serve the purpose of provoking the society and getting the attention and will die out very fast.

Article by Mariya Moisseyeva

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