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    NIKA TOM Fashion Show BAFW
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    NIKA TOM Fashion Show BAFW
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    NIKA TOM Fashion Show BAFW
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    NIKA TOM Fashion Show BAFW
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    A.M. VICTORIA Fashion Show BAFW
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    A.M. VICTORIA Fashion Show BAFW
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    A.M. VICTORIA Fashion Show BAFW
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    Jade Helene Designs Fashion Show BAFW
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    Jade Helene Designs Fashion Show BAFW

BAFW 2016 Flur’s Picks

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Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is an event showcasing the rise of all alternative concepts in fashion. The week gives a chance to up-and-coming and independent designers to show how far they can stretch their imagination into their new designs and collections.

BAFW- Poster
BAFW- Poster

Berlin is very well known for it’s open mind and freedom of all things, especially fashion. Where people can feel comfortable wearing whatever they want and not being judged. This particular event is one of a kind for Berlin and as exciting as it sounds, to witness the event personally it is everything that fashion should stand for, a gender free fashion world.

These are Flur’s Picks from this exciting week:


Victoria Ladefoged has a BA in fashion from the Kolding School of Design, and also a MA in Women’s Fashion from the Royal College of Art in London. In recent years the designer has been working with recycled wood and fabric within her company, she maintains a constant focus and has a real passion for the smallest details. All of Victoria’s products are hand-made out of recycled materials in Denmark. The designer says she loves to have fun with fashion and let’s her mind be somewhat playful with her designs.


Victoria Ladefoged’s models stormed down the runway in mostly dark colours, beautifully tailored and striped all in one’s, and certainly dresses with outfits you’d kill for. Watching the show you can tell that Victoria really concentrates on the details, the dress when opened by the model is a magnificent piece and nothing we’ve seen before.


NIKA TOM Fashion Show BAFW
NIKA TOM Fashion Show BAFW

Nika Čuić is a 25 year old Croatian based young designer who has an MA in Economics and also 3 years of fashion design and Costumography. For the last couple of years the designer has set her sights high and began to create her own fashion label – NIKA TOM.

Nika has recently showcased her collections in other fashion weeks and shows around the world. She says “through love and respect towards tailoring and craftsmanship I want to produce a sustainable and long lasting piece in all of my designs”.

The designer had the models walk the spooky light runway dressed in beautiful denim cut skirts and dresses, oversized pieces with sleeves that could almost touch the floor. Everyone was talking about this show because of the styling of the models and that spiders web look of hair that softly rapped around the models face and head giving the show that extra charm.


Jade Helene Shimmin is a fashion designer and stylist from Cape Town, South Africa. This young designer is 28 years old and has lived and worked pretty much all over. From a young age Jade had a passion for fashion and designing. Growing up, her parents were involved in fashion, her mother modelling and her father as an artist.Jade graduated from a private fashion academy in Cape Town in 2010 and has not stopped building her career.

The designer then moved on to the UK in London where she interned for the world famous Paul Smith. Having worked for other designers in Cape Town and London Jade has now started her own clothing label ‘Jade Helene Designs’ which focuses on womenswear, for now.

Jade Helene Designs Fashion Show BAFW
Jade Helene Designs Fashion Show BAFW

‘Jade Helene Designs’ has been on the scene since 2014 and is definitely one to know, her collection ‘be inspired’ was also showcased at Amsterdam Fashion Week and certainly turned heads. It seems that Jade likes to get inspiration from her own life experiences and put it into the her designs, as recently she travelled around Asia, she is now full of ideas and an open-mind towards design.

Jade is now based in Berlin and is making herself well known in the fashion industry here, recently showcasing the LEVEL EIGHT show at BAFW and has now launched her new collection ‘In the greys of dreams’ which she says was inspired by this wonderful city Berlin. I love it when newly up-and-coming designers are inspired by the place they live in, it means they are happy and Jade Helene is certainly settling in just fine.

If you are in Berlin and love this designer as much as I do, then you should definitely head over to her boutique Level Eight which is based in Mitte and check her out.

So there they are, BAFW Flur’s Picks, be sure to check out more of the shows online, with designers such as George Styler and the world famous Patricia Field who closed the shows.

Thanks for reading.

Article by Todd Hodson

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