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    Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017
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    Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017
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    Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017
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    Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017
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    Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017

 Anya Hindmarch: so bad at geometry, so damn good at fashion

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Anya Hindmarch might not have had straight As in her high school geometry class, but she has taken geometry to another lever… High fashion.

Gracefully integrating various geometric forms, colorful figures and straight lines into her couture collection, Anya Hindmarch fired the runway this London Fashion Week. The designer has been known for her purses and accessories for a while but has recently expanded to clothing line…and it is quite unconventional to say the least.

Inspired by every-day things like corn flakes boxes and sponges, Anya Hindmarch went deeply into the topic of consumerism last fashion seasons, this Fashion Week she switched up rather drastically. This year´s collection inspiration was “how beautiful mathematics looks on the page,” Hindmarch said backstage.

"The Stack" Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017
“The Stack” Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017

Accessories have always been the strongest side of Anya’s collection, and this time around they have also added to her geometrical theme. She has introduced the line of originally shaped purses ‘The Stack” with various forms, sections, colors, trimmed with concentric leather circles and various handles. Those purses have two handles from the both sides and can be turned around in different ways.

Along with that, the pop-up elements of her new collection have drawn quite some attention: emojis and bright-yellow omelets used as key chains and details. Anya explains that everything in this collection goes back to her obsession with the round shape as she considers it somewhat magical. That’s where the originality of her fashion show’s podium comes from – anfractuous with the several levels and with a deepening in the middle it has the circle theme along with the magical unconventionality.


The whole show was an impressive magical performance with the elements of virtual reality: moving platforms right by the guests’ seats were taken over by the models floating around in the bowls dressed in white jumpsuits and bright accessories. The whole circular stairs and the runway itself remind of the Ancient Greek Amphitheatre that transforms into a fashion runway lit up with the middle-centered LED installation and models walking from the gaps in the stairs to the epicenter of the stage.

Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017
Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2017

It is almost impossible to overlook the show Anya has thrown this Fashion Week in London, same way her clothes are also hard to miss. Her outfits might not go well with the casual every-day style, but for the fashionably outrageous ladies those are like the zeitgeist of the fashion. Anna Dello Russo has for sure booked half of the collection already.

Article by Mariya Moisseyeva

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