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    Dustin Yellin
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    Tracey Emin
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    Warhol @ Sotheby's: Highlights from the Lex Harding Prints Collection
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    Jordan Wolfson ‘MANIC/LOVE/TRUTH/LOVE’

Amsterdam Art weekend: lost in Interpretation

Somewhere between the slightly apathetic late-fall vibes and pre-Christmas madness on the last weekend of November, Amsterdam becomes the hot spot for the art enthusiasts, established artists, creative minds and bohemian hipsters. For the 5th year now, Amsterdam gathers the crowd for its Art Weekend – an event that gained the widespread fame in many major art capitals of the world.

Tacita Dean FILM
Tacita Dean, FILM

The diversity and a high concentration of the events on those days might make you feel lost and slightly overwhelmed just like the modern art itself often does. And indeed, the selection of the events goes up to the infinity: various exhibitions at the museums and art institutions in the center and De Pijp area, small galleries’ openings all over Jordan and Western part of the city, screenings at some basement-like spaces, workshops, discussions, books presentations and hardly conceptualized yet allegedly sophisticated gatherings. It creates a certain launching ground for the emerging young artists, thanks to the receptive Amsterdam’s atmosphere of self-expression and limitless-oneness of the art forms of possible formlessness of those.

Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei

Along with the creative and promising newbies there are also big names floating around: the exhibition of the exclusive Andy Warhol works at Sotheby’s which were previously hidden from the public eye. Ai Weiwei presented his view on the government severance in China through his photos that were exhibited at Foam museum. An American painter Terry Rodgers introduced his Solar Spaces collection, which included his new works along with the signature photo-realistic pieces on canvas and painterly-photographic collages. His art roots deeply into the topic of hedonism and vulnerability of human self-expression in the frame of the modern realities.


Those who have tendencies for obsession and maniacally oriented love would definitely enjoy the opening of Jordan Wolfson’s exhibition ‘MANIC/LOVE/TRUTH/LOVE’ at Stedelijk Museum. Jordan is one of the trendsetters in putting increasing digitalization and evolving technologies into the art framework. He uses animatronic human figures that interact with the viewers – the robots are extremely creepy, repulsive, seductive and creepy. Have we mentioned it was creepy? You come into the main room and face a huge puppet hanging from the ceiling, staring right at the bottom of your dark soul. Creepy, yeah.

The Art Weekend is somewhat a gasp on the fast and dynamically changing 50-year history of the modern art.

We gave up on the official guides and routes for weekend and randomly ended up at an artsy event at the headquarters of Manifesta in one of the 17th century canal houses of Amsterdam. The house was full of bohemian looking people wandering around with the glasses of never-ending champagne looking like they have found the purpose of existence yet having no idea what the exhibition is about. The place itself besides the historical value had two installations and the atmosphere of contradiction: the historical conventional beauty was harshly dissonance with the edginess of political statements and provoking installations.


The purpose of the event was lost somewhere in the atmosphere of the surrounding, alcohol and in-between people talking and sharing their perception, but that is one of the sides of modern art – it is the people themselves and the energy that makes the art not the objectified beauty necessarily.

The Art Weekend is somewhat a gasp on the fast and dynamically changing 50-year history of the modern art.

Night Soil - Melanie Bonajo
Night Soil – Melanie Bonajo

What is modern art? – Who the f*ck knows? And that’s the beauty of it. The last decades left us at this fast changing world of instant emotions, instant impressions and easily accessible variety of experiences. The state of gratification is constantly so close that it became almost impossible to catch. In a sense, those latest trends in art become the concentrated and excessive representation of the modern society. It is simple but the meaning is lost in interpretations.

Article by Mariya Moisseyeva

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