A Few Life Hacks to Win a Beautiful Girl’s Heart

Winning a girls heart isn’t so difficult. Finding the right approach to her is enough. In this article, you’ll learn how to make her fall in love with you. You won’t need flowers and compliments, just the right behavior and a few tricks to create some sexual tension.

Don’t give her too much attention, especially during the first stages

You probably think that all girls love when everyone admires their beauty. But they don’t like guys who admire them – they like the admiration itself. Beautiful girls are used to men obediently listening to their every word and giving anything to spend the night with them. That’s the wrong position which immediately kills all the chances of winning a beauty’s hart. And even if she liked you at first sight, once you start giving her a lot of attention, you won’t get anything from her. There are 2 reasons for this:
– The girl is not interested in fighting for what already belongs to her.
– A man, who gives too much attention to a woman, while she still doesn’t deserve it, is considered “low-grade.”

Maintain tension

Sexual attraction is born only when there’s tension. When a beautiful girl is in her friends’ company, most of your attention should be given to her friends. This way she’ll feel both that tension and a desire to win your interest. And this is already a good step towards success. Tension makes her wish to attract your attention on a subconscious level (even if she thinks that she doesn’t show it). She starts thinking about you more often, and you become more valuable in her eyes. And that’s the shortest way to win a girl’s heart.

Don’t ask her to become your girlfriend more than two times in a row

If you hear a rejection once, it’s okay. However, if she refused you twice in a row, then the reason is not in her indecisiveness but in your unattractive behavior. Change the strategy and stop trying to ask her out on a date. It’s better to just talk about something interesting, tell a few jokes, and say goodbye. Do so a couple of times, and only then try to ask her out once again.

Say no

There are a lot of things to say to win a girls heart, but the best one is “no.” You must sometimes show her that there are things more valuable than sex, dates, shopping, etc. Again, this increases the tension and your chances of conquering her. There’s nothing better than making a beautiful girl who wants you a bit nervous.

Don’t do what she asks

There are two ways to win a girls’ heart: to be smart or to be cool. And cool guys don’t run around doing everything girls ask. Once you become a little closer, a girl can ask you for a favor. She does this in order to understand which group of men you belong to: the potential sexual partners or friends who fulfill her desires. In such moments, it’s important to say no to whatever she asks. It’s the golden rule: before you have sex with her, it’s better not to do anything for her.

Match your words and image

How to win a girls heart this way? Any beautiful girl has a rich experience with men. This helps her to determine whether a man matches an image he created or not. For example, if you tried to show that you’re a tough guy, and a couple of months later you couldn’t do anything to some drunken dude, who insulted you in a bar, be ready for a total failure. The same goes for your own rules and beliefs. If you show her that you don’t like the lack of discipline, then stick to your own rules.

Have goals and show your potential

The guys who don’t have any goals in life can only pick up a shy student. But when it comes to beautiful girls, you can’t count on even the smallest chance to become her boyfriend not having some worthy goal in life. How can you show your potential? It’s enough to achieve your own goals.

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