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209b9c56316898dd01cfb475cbbfa5ce1

Spreading Fashion Innovation, Captivating People

A closer look of Burning Man

A close friend of Flur Magazine, model Veronica Zoppolo, was part of this amazing video project at the 2016 festival ‘Burning Man’, shot by the talented photographer Alvin Nguyen

We talked with Alvin Nguyen and he shared with us his perspective of what the project was all about and his ideas and experiences on Burning Man festival.


-How long have you been working as a fashion photographer?
-I’ve been a fashion photographer for 6 years, with a little dabble in directing throughout my career but within the last 6 months I started to really focus on motion. I just wrapped my first commercial for ABSOLUT Vodka that launched at the beginning of this month in the US and globally.

-What motivated you to start this project of Burning man?
– I have always thought the concept of burning is so amazing. One week, one pop-up city where everything and everyone focuses on one thing – love. The idea is that you need to love yourself and love others – embracing your own and everyone else’s identity. And not the identity in your everyday life, but your inner self identify. The identity we lost after we turn 12. Your inner child. I love that!

-How was your experience at the event?
-Burning Man was nothing short of extraordinary. This is my first year at Burning Man but as everyone who have attended says: you’ll always come back. The emotional process for me was like this:

1st – a visual stimulation on all your senses – the dust, the heat (and cold), and the insane amount of art! Everything is happening all at once the minute you arrive in Black Rock City! You can try to prepare yourself, but you’ll still be in for a shock of your life!

2nd – an immense feeling of love! The first thing you get at burning man is a big hug, followed by many many more! You’ll find yourself being given so many little trinkets and art pieces from people you’ve never met. I was also giving away polaroids to random strangers. I ask if I could give them a gift and I would take polaroids of people and their friends and hand them out as little memories on the playa.

3rd – grief – this is a big one, but as you wander deeper into the playa, you’ll find the temple. The air is heavy, but not in a bad way. I didn’t know what to expect, I just thought I would come visit the temple. But as you can see from the images – people are there to connect with loved ones that has passed away. I found myself briefing there – partially for my own losses but also for others. It’s immense sadness but also immense love.

Foto By: Alvin Nguyen

4th – the parties – it’s crazy! If you really love music you’ll be in for a treat! So many amazing DJs, sets, and art cars rolling around like moving parties. Amazing music and energy. On the playa the day starts at 3pm, music runs 24 hrs a day! We usually would check out all the art work, then dinner around 9, and then the night is fully on. And you HAVE to experience sunrise on the playa. It’s the most magically experience. Simply magical.

“One week, one pop-up city where everything and everyone focuses on one thing – LOVE”

5th – The goodbyes – the hardest part of it all! If you didn’t feel like you became one with the playa and found it hard to leave, then you totally missed the points of burning man!

-Can you tell us a little more of your perspective from fashion which were the trends on clothing at the event?
– Fashion wise it is a paradise for fashionistas all over the world! Things are completely out of this world! I mean you simply can wear whatever and people will LOVE it! The weirder the better. I saw a lot of braided hair, fur (faux), face masks (for the dust storms), and accessories are a must. You’re encouraged to be unique and customize your outfits to your own personality – again, embracing your own uniqueness is the theme – so think of your inner child, and then take it further!

Photo of Alvin Nguyen

Photo of Alvin Nguyen at Burning Man 2016.

About the artist: Born in the vibrant city of Saigon, Vietnamese-American director / photographer Alvin Nguyen moved to the United States at the age of 10 and spent a large part of his childhood in the romantic Pacific North West city of Seattle. It is this connection across cultures that Nguyen translates into his imagery. The romantic nature of his work has Fashion Gone Rogue reference Nguyen’s work to take on “a dreamlike, Tarkovsky-esque feel”. 

The constant dissatisfaction with the status quo led him to continuously generate a beautiful body of work with focus on luxury and beauty. His unique take on color and romance led to a multitude of assignments for Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, GUESS, and more. 

Never one to settle, he continues to discover exotic locations, exploring new concepts and bringing his clients’ vision to beautiful imagery. Nguyen currently works and reside in Los Angeles, California with frequent travels to New York.


Click here to check out the video.


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