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3 reasons why you should visit Berlin this summer

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Summer is arriving fast and for all of you that are thinking of travelling this year we envy you, but we are here to help of course. Top of our list is Berlin, a city located in Europe filled with everything and anything you can think of.

Have a bucket list? Well this is the city for you! We have got just 3 reasons for why you should pack your bags and get over there this year, yes just 3!

Bradenburg Gate – Photo: TravelDigg

Reason 1:

The city is jam packed with history, from museums, cathedrals, architecture, landmarks and plenty more.

Starting with the Berliner Dom it’s one of the oldest cathedrals in the city and looks spectacular from both inside and outside. You can get a view of the city that will take your breath away.

Brandenburg Gate is also a must see, the 18th century monument is a huge tourist attraction and goes perfect with a selfie or two. There are so many others to list but we don’t want to be giving to much away, book a plane ticket and see for yourself!

Berliner Dom – Photo_ Tripadvisor

Reason 2:

Fashion, Yes Berlin has a huge fashion scene! The streets are full of influencers, bloggers, fashionistas and your every day Berliners. The people that live there are open-minded and free within themselves, they allow their open-mind to take over there shyness and insecurities by becoming confident with not just fashion but makeup, hair colours and gender.

The city also has a huge event in July by the name of BERLIN FASHION WEEK!! If you are heading over at that time be sure to check that out at the humungous Mercedes Benz stadium.

Street Style at Berlin Fashion Week – Photo: Vogue

Reason 3:

The third and final reason is ART, the streets in Berlin are decorated with colour, art and graffiti and you’ll struggle to find a street just one colour. Now that’s a challenge!

Artists from all over the world have visited the city and left their signature stamp, the paintings and art are a big part of Berlin, every corner you turn there is something new and refreshing to see and most of the time has a story behind it.
The city also has events such as gallery exhibitions very frequently and even BERLIN ART WEEK where you can see work from international artists and your very own Berliners.

The Berlin Wall is even filled with art and colour that seems to go on for miles and is truly amazing. If you want to see some artists live, yes i mean in front you, then head over to Mauerpark on a Sunday where the famous flee market runs weekly and a large fraction of the city attend to either shop a bargain, watch live musicians and artists. Or just eat some great food, drink a beer an relax!

Berlin Wall – Photo: Getty

So there we have it, 3 reasons why Berlin needs to be on your list this year! From all of us at FLUR we hope whatever your plans are for this summer you have a great one! Remember if you follow our steps then you’ll be sure to have a great time and each location will bring you closer to something new to see or do.

Written by Todd Hodson

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